the adaptify experience

sustainable leadership trainings & company retreats


Adaptify has developed a set of core learning modules that are given by experienced professionals as part of an interactive and fun learning experience, including: personal sustainability mission and engagement plans; collaborative leadership for environmental and social responsibility in supply chains: strengthening partnerships to drive change; circularity and innovation from design: strategies for improved products and processes; fundraising and financing for sustainability; and methodologies and tools for monitoring & evaluation of sustainable outcomes and impacts.

We offer sustainable leadership trainings for:

  • individuals who want to quickly learn key concepts and develop a personal sustainability mission and an engagement plan, either within their company or for their own business
  • companies that want to take greater advantage of market opportunites in social and environmental sustainability, and develop a sustainable growth strategy

We offer the following interactive and fun learning experiences for companies or individuals:

  • Sustainable Leadership in One Day: get all the key concepts and leave with a personal mission and engagement plan
  • 3 day Sustainability Training: all the key concepts explained in depth through entertaining and enjoyable experiential learning techniques
  • 5 day Sustainability Learning Experience at our special training location in Fuerteventura, the second largest of Spain’s Canary Islands,100km off the north coast of Africa. During this learning experience we incorporate a range of fun experiential learning techniques, including learning to surf (or improving your surfing skills) as a method to enhance understanding of preparation, perseverance, spatial awareness, balance and perspective in respect of personal sustainability missions and organisational sustainability objectives 

In addition, we custom-design company retreats based on desired outcomes or learning goals, for companies that already have environmental or social goals at their core and want to get a clearer sense of their direction or enhance their existing strategy, while strengthening cohesion within the team. These can be any desired length, and can be held either in-company, at our training facilities in Amsterdam, or at our special training location in Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands. 

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