social impact consulting



Businesses and organizations need to be adaptive, innovative and creative, considering the complex social and environmental challenges of the 21st century. And increasingly, companies are putting social impact at the heart of their mission.

Adaptify delivers strategy and implementation solutions to help businesses and organizations solve complex challenges and meet social impact goals.

Examples of recent work:

  • For the UK Government’s International Climate Fund: designed an innovative monitoring and evaluation framework to evaluate the effectiveness of 1.4 billion UK pounds in investments to reduce risks from climate change

  • For clean energy start up Greener: identification of new markets and assistance to reach new customers

  • For conservation artist Vincent Mock: facilitating strategic planning to increase nature conservation impact

  • For the Government of the Netherlands: managed the start-up of the first intergovernmental partnership between large cities located on major river deltas, to reduce risks from more intense storms and rising sea levels: the Delta Coalition

  • For the Government of Mozambique: worked with government officials, private companies, and international aid agencies to formulate a national strategy to access and deliver finance to reduce risks from climate change

  • For Transparency International: designed and piloted a new approach to improve standards of governance in climate finance, which has subsequently been adopted in both Bangladesh and the Maldives

  • For a coalition of governments in Southern Africa: developed an investment strategy for decentralized water projects to reduce human-wildlife conflict in trans-boundary river basins during seasonal migrations

  • For the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: managed an initiative to create a new national Climate Change Centre, based at the Saudi Environmental Protection Agency in Jeddah