what people are saying


"Terrific analyst. Very creative. Lots of forward-thinking ideas. Easy and fun to work with. Excellent network. Would be a valuable addition to any project team." — Dr. Bill Dougherty, President, Climate Change Research Group, USA

"Ian is a well known climate change expert who has supported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with excellent services as project director, and as consultant for different short term jobs." — Aart van der Horst, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

"Ian is an excellent climate change consultant and manager, with an impressive track record. He is particularly skilled at facilitating policy dialogue. He is very client-orientated, but never compromises on quality. Always a pleasure to work together." — Professor Richard Klein, Stockholm Environment Institute and Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research, Linköping University, Sweden

I can highly recommend Ian as a colleague, innovator, and project organiser." — Dr. Ian Burton, Scientist Emeritus, Adaptation and Impacts Research Group (AIRG), Meteorological Service of Canada

"Ian is a natural leader, who is open minded and a trust builder. I have gained both personally and professionally through collaborating with him." — Javier Gonzales Iwanciw, Vice Ministry for the Environment, Bolivia

I had the pleasure of working on a project managed by Ian, which was very complex with activities running in fifteen countries. I was amazed by the manner in which Ian kept all of this activity coordinated, how he managed to create a sense of collaboration among the different project teams, and how he drew important general insights from the diverse set of project activities. Ian is an outstanding professional." — Dr. David Purkey, US Water Resources Group Leader, Stockholm Environment Institute, USA

"Ian was coordinator for a project on which I worked, and was a superb facilitator, a prompt and efficient partner, and a strong source of support. In addition, he is well-connected, and extremely knowledgeable. Working with Ian is always rewarding and informative. As an individual, Ian is extremely personable and helpful, and I look forward to working with him again soon.” — Dr. Nick Brooks, Garama 3C, UK

"Ian has a number of qualities that are not often found in one person, but which are very powerful when combined: he has a thorough knowledge of the subject but presents this with a people oriented approach. He has an open and creative mind but at the same time he is very result oriented. He is passionate about the subjects he deals with, but stays objective all the way. He wants to make progress, but radiates patience in the process. In short, if you have a problem, he will solve it." — Maresa Oosterman, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs